A Place that CELEBRATES Iconic People, Places, and Things...


Inside the San Clemente Event Center in the Old Town Square, San Clemente, is Icons, a room and restaurant that celebrates iconic people, places, and things through pictures, autographs, comic books, standees, and memorabilia. Icons is FUN! Even your waiter turned into a famous voice, dancer or singer, performing ever 15 to 20 minutes, singing iconic tunes and playing iconic parts from the past. Hey... wasn't that Tom Cruise? Famous faces would walk in like royalty; is that who I think it is, or is that a look-alike?


I was fortunate to be contracted, and I decorated the walls and shelves with numerous items that bring back memories, famous people, and fun times. The largest portion of the display includes matted autograph presentations and autographs from my collection. One portion of the walls celebrates Sci-Fi; another old TV; another space; another is Star Wars; there is Music; the bar area celebrates Sports; there is still more that celebrates old movie stars. The rest is iconic memorabilia and artwork. This might include the Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz, or an Elvis lunchbox, or an old matchbox car box. Santa stands overhead; Elvis stand with a guitar on stage; Marilyn greets you at the door. Get your picture take on the red carpet!


The examples shown below are indicative of the collection, one that continues to expand. Icons has something very special and has now a unique and cohesive way to display the art. All of the decorations shown below were created or set by Thomas Rucktenwald.

Any fantastic icon should be celebrated in a way like this.

If you have a room, restaurant, public place or corporate room that you would like decorated in this fashion, please contact Tom at: Tom@ThomasRucktenwald.com


Small venue/club-style concerts are held in Icons. Here, a local-area band of note performs in front of the Iconic walls that
include Sponge Bob, the Brooklyn Bridge, a poster of "It's a Wonderful Life" and autographs of the Cisco Kid and Pancho,
Futurama's Leela and Fry and Buffy's Tara, and the X-Files poster, "I Want to Believe"


A section for Star Wars. Note the No. 1 framed Star Wars comic book. There is also an electric picture frame with rotating pictures.


No space is unused. Even the cross-beam holds autograph 8X10s. Note the famous actors signing these Sci-Fi glossies.


Music is celebrated in Icons. Famous posters adorne the wall. Framed iconic albums are included. Jazz greats like George Benson
and Maynard Fergusson autographs are included. Even Mozart hangs above the Beatles.


No decorated place like this would be complete without my original concept of Matted Autograph Presentations. Shown on
this wall section are (from left to right) "The Day the Earth Stood Still." "Young Frankenstein," and two framed autographs sets
from the hit TV show "Heroes," this set coming from the smash hit first year of the show.


This wall has an matted autograph presentation from an Indiana Jones movie as well as a couple of iconic autographs matted
together for the TV show "Fringe." Note the Ninja standee and the snare drum. Even the thin space provided by a support column
is filled with an autograph and an electronic picture frame with rotating iconic pictures.


While I collected very few autographs from the time when I worked on the NYC recording studios
for Columbia and Epic Records, I am proud of what we show for music. One of the best things on
this wall is lower in this picture, matted in gold. It includes the autograph of jazz singer Kay Dennis
and the backpanel remembering the LP record album she recorded years ago with Johnny Mandel
in his first recording as producer; Johnny, of course, is a very famous composer. I remastered that
album for CD in my mastering studio. Kay is someone that I consider a great friend and wonderful
person. I am proud to have included her in this collection.


Created by

Thomas Rucktenwald

Email:  tom@thomasrucktenwald.com 



This is an example of something that can be created for you and your special place, using artwork that makes a statement.