A unifying appeal and consistency to the display of an art collection...


An Orlando, Florida art collector wished to display art work that they had collected with a unifying theme, black frame and enhanced display that might tell a little more about how the art was later used. The collector in question focuses on hand-drawn art, often in its raw form, before publication in a book or as a poster.


The hand-drawn items were matted into a display with supporting documents, like a story, or published drawings. In one case, two displays of the same style of art were weaved into a single presentation.


The examples shown below are indicative of the collection, one that continues to expand. The collector has something very special and has now a unique and cohesive way to display the art. All of the presentations shown below were created by Thomas Rucktenwald; the art work is specific to the artist responsible for creating it.

Any fantastic art work should be remembered in a way like this.

If you have art work that you would like displayed in this fashion, please contact Tom at: Tom@ThomasRucktenwald.com



Created by

Thomas Rucktenwald

Email:  tom@thomasrucktenwald.com 



The presentation shown is an example of something that can be created for you and your special art work.