Remembering and commemorating that special, well-deserved recognition...


There are times in life when we, or someone we love, receive a special recognition for an event or an achievement. These moments should be properly remembered,
preserved, and proudly displayed.


In this example, the recipient was awarded something very special, an award for highly innovative technology displayed at the National Association of Broadcasters
Convention in 2007. The groundbreaking award was preserved through both the initial booth sign and the medal. Radio World is a well-established source of news and
information in the broadcasting world and the award is given strictly for merit.


Any fantastic achievement should be remembered in a way like this.

Note that the booth sign is flush to the matting, but the medal required some depth. 3-dimensional items can be displayed if properly planned. Also note that the medal
is heavy and is supported by several fasteners that support both the weight and display the ribbon.


16X20 Matted Presentation



Created by

Thomas Rucktenwald




The presentation shown is an example of something that can be created for you and your special remembrance.